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Are you looking for a car for pleasure or as an investment? Do you think back to your childhood and want the car that your dad, grandpa, had? Do you have cars like Passion? Great! We too! We will find you a car not only according to your dreams, but beyond your imagination, we will open new horizons for you. Or are you just looking for an interesting investment model? Then come trade with us in the form of Tradesharing…

  Last added cars 

Last added cars

Mercedes-Benz 240D Touring

The first MB in this body design

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Bimota DB6 Delirio

Hand built motorcycle

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Mercedes-Benz 200T

7 place piano from 1981

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Historic cars, youngtimers, future classics, reto-modern and special cars.

In the era of massive production, we can offer something more than just a car. You can have something that makes sense – a car that makes you happy to drive, that makes you simply proud to look at, or has a good investment outlook.

„Cars are some of the most intoxicating and beautiful things ever created by mankind.“
Jeremy Clarkson

We also offer these services

We also offer these services



Weddings, birthdays, corporate events... these are all occasions for renting our exceptional cars, with or without a driver.


A chapter in itself. We provide both planning and implementation. Detailing, special conversions and reconstructions, e.g. for historic rallies.



Arriving at a business meeting in the back seat of a classic limousine with a newspaper and a personal driver in a chauffeur's cap is what we call "cool" :-). It will definitely break the ice...



After buying a car, you can "store" it with us. we will take care of ongoing battery maintenance and regular service. This service is primarily intended for investment vehicles.



Thanks to our global contacts, we can offer unusual cars from all over the world. You choose, we check, fly, verify, buy, bring and hand over.



We are newly opening a private lounge that is great for business opportunities and meetings. An elevated atrium with comfortable seating offers an unusual view.



After experience with the lack of parts on the market or their poor quality, we start our own production of parts from plastic to aluminum, all in quality comparable to or better than the original.



Exhibitions, openings, congresses, celebrations, corporate and non-corporate events and parties... these may require something extraordinary to take them to a higher level, to attract attention.

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From our blog

From our blog

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